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USA Flag pattern Holdup Hip-Clip 2 inch wide suspenders with Patented Jumbo silver tone no-slip clips


Holdup Suspender Company has done it again. We introduce you the innovative Flag patterned side-clip suspender, called the trademarked Hip-Clip style. This particular model has a USA flag pattern with 2" wide heavy duty cotton poly-blend elastic straps. The Hip-Clip suspenders slip on just like a backpack, attaching at the side of your pants with 2 of our Patented Jumbo No-Slip clips in a silver tone. Now you can comfortably "HoldUp" your pants of any weight with just the snap a clip. Our patented NO-SLIP clips attach to each side of your pant waistband easily and securely. Show off your patriotism in our USA made Hip-Clip Suspenders.

Hip-Clip suspenders are 2" wide and 48" long. Holdup suspenders are made in the USA. The straps are made in a heavy duty Cotton Poly-blend elastic fabric that is washable and made for years of daily wear. These are easily adjustable to fit men up to 6 Ft Tall comfortably without any buckles to dig into your back. These have a top grade brown leather X-back style crosspatch that's double-stitched and has our trademarked logo embossed in the leather. Simply place arms through shoulder straps and clamp down the two patented HoldUp Suspenders jumbo NO-SLIP clips on both sides of pants. Locking needle pin will never fray material or slip off your pants. No irritation from clips rubbing on your stomach or the small of your back, as these attach at the side of any pants - away from any skin contact and all pressure points. That's why they are a favorite with long-haul truckers, policemen, bikers, contractors etc.

Hip-Clip Style Holdup 2" wide X Back Suspender With Patented No Slip Silver Jumbo Clip

Hip-Clip Style Holdup 2" wide X Back Suspender With Patented No Slip Silver Jumbo Clips Made in The USA

BONUS: Easy to remove with just a flip of a clip. No need to remove your suspenders or slide them off when wearing a jacket, shirt, under a sweater or even when using the restroom. The Brown Leather X-back Crosspatch offers you extra support and is an excellent posture enhancer.

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