All USA made Holdup Suspenders have patented No-slip Clips or Gripper Clasps so they truly Holdup your pants like no other suspenders 

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Amazon Prime and Regular shoppers can purchase Holdup Suspenders from our Amazon Web Shop.. click hereAmazon Prime & Regular Shoppers.Buy Holdup Suspenders from our Amazon Web here and get FREE Freight on all orders using secure familiar Amazon Checkout procedure and free Amazon or Holdup warehouse delivery to your door.

 We will showcase below various Holdup suspender styles and you can click on the images to go to a detailed purchase page. First up is the popular paisley swirls on a red USA made 1 1/2" wide poly-blend fabric strap shown with Y-back option and Silver no-slip clips. Click product animation on right for more style choices.

Single clip Designer Series Holdup suspenders in a tasteful Paisley pattern for $29.95

We offer a Dual Clip Double-Up Style of each Designer Series pattern for $10 more. You'll now see a recommended popular product that other Holdup suspender shoppers purchased shown below the "Add to Cart" button like the Paisley pattern in a dual clip Double-Ups style for $10 more Red and Black paisley pattern in Double-Up style are great looking Office suspenders

Dual clip Paisley Red and black pattern Double-Up style suspenders

 New in 2015 are Holdup Child & Infant suspenders, mitten & Bib clips and even Hat straps for Kids... and checkout Patent Pending Holdup Shirt Straps to keep dress shirt tails firmly in your pants giving you that freshly pressed shirt look all day long. Police and Military love these during dress code inspections.

Soft but strong Undergarment suspenders made to wear under your shirt with shorts or pants for 19.95
Popular Under-Ups in Hip-Clip style or the X-back 4 strap model with Gripper Clasps for $21.95. Undergarment Holdups are also available in XL length for $3 more and all can be worn under any loose fitting shirt with shorts or pants. The 2" wider Under-Ups styles are shown here for $23.95 in light beige or Black colors.

Take a look at the new Dark Blue Denim or the ever popular light Blue Denim colored Casual Series Holdups that offer you a choice of Y or X-back brown leather crosspatch and option for Gold or Silver/Chrome finished no-slip exclusive Holdup suspender clips.

 It's official. Larry King has endorsed the Holdup brand of men's suspenders and to celebrate this endorsement we have introduced a limited edition Larry King Signature Series Double-Up in 4 colors. These will be collectables folks as they will sell out. Click here to view Larry's exclusive Signature Collection of Holdup Suspenders that are soon to be collector items. 

New.. All Black No-buzz 2" wide airport friendly Hip-Clip suspenders

Holdup Brand western style leather suspenders with our Patented No-slip clips in brown or black Leather Holdup Suspenders.. click here shoppers always get Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More. 

Welcome to HoldUp® Suspender Company offers the largest assortment of quality suspenders for everyday wear, wide work suspenders to dress suspenders for special occasions and formal events. HoldUp® suspenders feature our patented “no-slip”® clip that is guaranteed to never, ever slip off your pants.  Our U.S.A.made suspenders are made from high quality elastic fabrics in a wide array of solid colors, tasteful patterns and variety of fabric finishes and strap widths. We now also make and carry clip-on suspenders for toddlers and younger kids along with mitten clip straps.

USA made Holdup Suspenders in over 350 styles and colors all feature our patented no-slip clips or composite plastic Gripper clasps

  Fashion conscious men love wearing the 350+ styles of Holdup Suspenders at work and play! These make great gifts for any and all occasions for men, women and now suspenders for toddlers and young kids.

USA made shirt stay that keeps your dress or uniform shirt tightly in place all day long... without popping off when sitting or standing. We now offer Shirt Stay-Downs with plastic Gripper Clasp or narrow Black no-slip metal clip models in a Step-in Foot loop Stirrup style and/or Y-strap 3 clip style. Click here to purchase or see Shirt Stay-Downs details for all 4 styles....

Holdup Brand Shirt stays called Stay-Downs come4 in 4 styles and eliminate billowing shirts giving you a wrinkle free look all day long

Shirt Stay-Downs have a unique smooth line Velcro length adjustment system used to lock in place the foot loop or Y-strap adjustment section to a proper length to give you a comfortable tension between the foot and the securely fastened shirt tail. The simple most comfortable way to keep any shirt tucked firmly in place. The results are impressive and comfortably worn all day long when sitting and standing.

USA made suspenders so unique they're all patented and trademarked and designed to last for years of daily wear

Finally a USA made fitted sheet suspender strap that Holds Up to years of use. Introducing Holdup Sheet Stay-Downs™. ... ($19.95 per set)   Holdup Suspender Company having just been granted US Patent # 8429773 on April 30th 2013 for their simple solution to keeping all sizes of mattress bed sheets in place...

Holdup Sheet straps called Stay-Downs sell for only 19.95 in in two set sizes.

Maternity Under-Ups™ with 2 Composite Plastic Patented Gripper Clasps in beige color with our unique Hip-Clip (quick release side-clip style)  $18.95 each This style Maternity Under-Ups™ have composite plastic Gripper clasps that are designed to hold tighter when you pull on them regardless of the waistband material.

Holdup Maternity Suspenders with soft straps and super strong Gripper Clasps for 18.95

Holdup also makes a larger PLUS size model of these same maternity undergarment suspenders.... which fit the Plus sized pregnant women in total comfort for $19.95


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