Holdup Suspender Company Inc

Hold-Ups Tan Trucker Style Hip-clip Series Suspenders in 1 1/2" Width and Patented No-slip Silver Clips


Well Hold-Up Suspenders has done it again and introduced an innovative light tan trucker, or side-clip suspender, called the Hip-ClipTM. Now you can comfortably hold up any weight pants with just the snap of 2 of our exclusive silver/chrome plated NO-SLIP clips at the side of your pants. Keep your pants in the right place with our rugged side clip suspenders. Modeled after shoulder holsters and slip on like wearing backpacks. They're designed with USA made straps that criss-cross your back and attach at the sides. Slip them on like you would a backpack. 1-1/2" narrower strap width with 48" length. HoldUp Suspender's new Hip-ClipTM line of HoldUp Trucker suspenders with silver metal patented NO-SLIP clips. We stock Red, Navy Blue, Tan or Black colors - all with brown leather X-back crosspatch. Sometimes called Trucker suspenders, or side clip suspenders, they're designed to never fly open when sliding across truck or car seat covers as they attach to the sides of your pants. All the holding power of our NO-SLIP suspender clips with the convenient ability to attach to the sides of your pants.

Tan Hip-Clip style trucker side clip Holdup suspenders

  • Trucker style tan HoldUp suspenders with 2 silver patented NO-SLIP® clips
  • Light brown side-clip suspenders with X-back leather crosspatch
  • Tan Hip-Clip HoldUps with 1 1/2" wide elastic straps
  • Brown trucker style suspenders with 2 patented NO-SLIP® HoldUp clips
  • Tan side-clip trucker style suspenders that won't flip open

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