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Hold-Up Brand Shadow Black Heavy Duty Work Suspenders are 2" Wide with Jumbo Black Patented No-slip Clips

$21.95 $26.95

Holdups 2x4 line of wide work or hunting suspenders featuring our "SHADOW BLACK" Outdoorsman Series black Patented Jumbo no-slip clip suspenders. These rugged Heavy-Duty all black work or Outdoorsman suspenders are specifically designed for use in the harshest of environments.  The USA made Cotton course weave Poly-Blend elastic straps are made to last through years of daily wear. The black heavy duty Holdup suspenders are perfect Deer hunting Outdoorsman, fisherman or construction worker that knows the limitations of conventional suspenders with clips that just won't Holdup to rugged outdoor conditions. All USA made dense course weave strap materials are carefully chosen for elasticity, durability and come with a jumbo black no-slip clip guarantee that they'll never slip -slide or Pop Off your pants. The best all black work suspenders money can buy in our all Shadow black color scheme. The locking center pin on the Patented jumbo no-slip clips is needle sharp and won't fray your work or hunting pants. The Jumbo clips also have rugged gripper inserts so the waistband fabric is held tight so the center pin won't move to fray the fabric.

Shadow Black Outdoorsman Series Holdup wide work and Outdoorsman suspenders with jumbo Patented no-slip clips

The normal length 48" adjustable Shadow Black model is made to fit the big man up to 6' 1" tall. The XL model, also sold here, will comfortably fit men to over 6'4" tall. These all black 2" wide Holdup brand work suspenders are Made in the USA and will outlast any of those cheap pairs sold by competitors.

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