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Holdup Brand Sand Dunes Tan XL 54" Big & Tall Double-Ups dressy Suspenders with Patented black no-slip clips


Extra Long 54" adjustable SAND DUNES dual-clip Double-Ups feature a tasteful light Khaki tan color for both business and casual wear in a hand washable USA made coarse weave strap fabric. Introducing the new "Double-Ups" suspenders in a big and tall man's length in a light tan color are made in the USA. These Tan Holdups have 1 1/2" wide straps and 54" adjustable length so they are made to fit men to 6' 6" tall. The aesthetic look of light tan button-on braces with the ease of no-slip clips, that are so unique they're also patented. Get that old fashion "button on" suspender look without the bother of sewing buttons on your pants! Exclusive design feature of these suspenders is we eliminate the proverbial "waistband rollover" caused by button-on braces, which pull at the middle of the waistband. These XL tan dual-clip Double-Ups style Hold-Up suspenders come with Amazon account checkout and  30 day money back 100% satisfaction warranty. The clips and elastic straps are made to last through years of daily wear. All XL Holdup Suspenders are 54" long and are adjustable to fit the bigger and taller man over 6' 4" tall with a gold-tone metal length adjuster. Holdup Suspender Company has worked diligently to bring our loyal customers a traditional "button-on brace" style suspender that is more practical than button on braces.

 XL Dual Clip Double-Up style sand Dunes Tan Holdup suspenders for the bigger man needing suspenders

For years Sal Herman, the founder of Holdup Suspender Company, labored to design and manufacture our exciting new Casual Series dressy suspenders called Double-Ups. These Light Sand Dunes color XL Casual Series Double-Ups are finally here at www.HoldupSuspnders.com and are selling fast! We even have a patent on our new improved no-slip suspender clip, which reduces the chance of accidentally flipping open when sitting down on your couch or car seat. Y-back design with top grade black leather crosspatch embossed with our trademarked Holdup logo. All the Double-Ups style Hold-ups have tapered dual black leather clip tab holders to match black Y-back logo embossed crosspatch. We offer many colors and even pattern dual-clip Double-Ups here and you can use your Amazon Prime account payment and full a 30 day return policy if your not completely satisfied with these light tan dressy Holdup Suspenders.

  • 1 1/2" wide Cotton poly-blend elastic hand washable fabric in light tan color goes with everything from dress shirts to plaids
  • Dual patented No-slip Hold-up Suspender black clips with locking center pin so they hold tight to all pant waistbands
  • XL 54" adjustable length for the big and tall men looking for office suspenders in neutral tan color
  • Dual clips attach at the top of your waistband eliminating the waistband rollover common with button-on braces
  • Double-Up Light XL Sand Tan dual clip suspenders have a 30 day money back guarantee and Amazon account payment with FBA 2nd day free shipping.

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