Holdup Suspender Company Inc

Holdup Brand No-buzz Airport Friendly Black Y-back Suspenders with Patented black Gripper Clasps


Breeze through Airport Security in metal-free all black USA made Holdup no-buzz suspender! The sort of man who ends his day on a high-rise balcony, toasting his boardroom victories with a scotch and cigar, is not a man who strips off his suspenders in the airport and ends up with his pants around his ankles. Nor should YOU be. Instead, get these Black X-back airport friendly Holdup brand suspenders with sure-gripping plastic patented Gripper clasps and pass easily through security metal detectors. Black no-alarm all black men's Y-back Holdup suspenders are 1 1/2' wide and 48" long with black leather Y-back styling with crosspatch embossed with HoldUp logo will keep you looking your business-like best. Works to bypass any metal detectors in courtrooms, schools and airports and secure Government buildings. These are 1 1/2" wide and adjustable to 48" in length with USA made washable poly-blend cotton course weave straps.

Black no-buzz airport friendly Holdup Y-back suspenders won't trigger metal detectors in secure buildings

  • Plastic patented Composite Plastic Gripper Clasps from HoldUp Suspender Company hold tighter the harder you pull on them
  • USA made Black Y-back no-alarm suspenders made to not trigger airport or secure building metal detectors
  • Holdup Suspender Company's Travel all black suspenders with plastic gripper clasps are a top seller for frequent flyers.
  • 1 1/2' wide and 48" long ( Fits men to 6 feet tall) with Y-back black leather crosspatch embossed with trademarked Holdup Logo
  • 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee 

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