Holdup Suspender Company Inc

Hold-Ups Airport Friendly Black Trucker Style Hip-clip Suspenders with Plastic Gripper Clasps


How about an all black HIP-CLIP trucker style 1 1/2" wide HoldUp suspender with X-back Brown Leather crosspatch embossed with our HoldUp logo. These attach to your pants with just 2 patented composite super strong plastic gripper clasps. The patented plastic gripper clasps are cam activated which means the harder you pull on them the tighter they grip. These also have plastic sliding length adjusters so they won't trigger metal detectors at airports or secure office and school buildings. These are adjustable in length to 48".

  • 1 1/2" wide trucker style black airport friendly no-alarm suspenders
  • Black side clasp suspenders with 2 plastic gripper clasps
  • No-Buzz HoldUps with 2 no-alarm composite plastic clips
  • All black trucker style suspenders that won't trigger metal detectors
  • Black airport friendly suspenders that attach with 2 clips

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