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Holdup Brand 42" Teen Red X-back Suspenders 1 1/4" wide with Patented Gripper Clasps


1 1/4" wide Teenager and youth all red, clip-on HoldUp suspenders have an adjustable 42" length and black patented composite plastic Gripper clasps made for the active teen up-to 5' 8" tall. The patented plastic gripper clasps are cam activated which means the harder you pull on them the tighter they grip. These have X-back brown leather crosspatch embossed with the exclusive Holdup logo and silver length adjusters. These USA made suspenders feature 1 1/4" wide elastic washable bright RED colorfast straps and are durable for years of outdoor active wear. Active youth often need suspenders at school and when playing, skiing, snowboarding or other sports where they need something more than belts to HoldUp their pants. These come with a 30-day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. Buy using your PayPal or Amazon account and get Free freight offer at checkout,

HoldUp Brand 42" Teen Red X-back Suspenders with 1 1/4" wide straps and Patented Gripper Clasps

HoldUp Brand 42" Teen Red X-back Suspenders with 1 1/4" wide straps and Patented Gripper Clasps made better in the USA by Patented design.

Red teenager Holdup X-back Ski suspenders with Patented gripper clasps made for wearing at outdoor activities

These are the Perfect gripper clasp for delicate materials like Gore-Tex as the strong composite plastic clips won't snap or tear snow pant fabrics like other clips do... yet they hold like a pair of vice grips. The USA Patented composite plastic Gripper clips are cam lever operated device where the harder you pull...the tighter the Gripper Clasp holds on all types of snow pant materials. The 1 1/4" wide poly-blend RED elastic straps are adjustable to 42" max length so they fit teens to 5'9" can comfortably wear them. Unique Plastic "Gripper clips" features a more angled cam lever design that eliminates the occasional flip open problem of the original plastic gripper-clasp (new Patent feature). So, Why not buy a genuine pair of our Ski-Up series Teen sized suspenders made better by our patented design.

  • Patented Black composite plastic NO-SLIP Gripper Clasps won't fray smooth Goretex pants or jeans
  • X-back real leather crosspatch embossed with trademarked HoldUp brand logo
  • Like all HoldUp suspenders sold here carry a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee
  • 42" Teen bright red snow ski suspenders made to Holdup your pants during outdoor activities or just for changing your look at teen events.
  • Plastic Gripper clasp holds tighter the harder you pull on them and they're stronger than any conventional metal suspender clips

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