Holdup Suspender Company Inc

Hold-Ups 2" Wide Undergarment Hip-clip style Suspenders with Patented No-slip Metal Clips


Many HoldUp suspender customers wanted jumbo silver no-slip clips on a 2" wide super soft undergarment fabric in the quick disconnect Hip Clip style. These 2" wide comfortable suspenders are made with a thick ace bandage type elastic straps. You can purchase these 2" wide trucker style HoldUp undergarment suspenders at Amazon. Now the bigger man can wear a comfortable hidden suspender under any loose fitting shirt. The patented jumbo NO-SLIP silver tone clips are guaranteed to not slip off your pants. These super soft 2 inch wide fabric undergarment HoldUps have a built in Velcro smooth (no bulges) length adjustment system.

2 inch wide hidden soft Under-Ups style Holdup susepnders with jumbo no-slip side clips

Big men love these 2" wide Undergarment trucker style suspenders that attach at the side of your waistband with no clips to run on your back during long road trips. US Patent # 8,209,779 was granted on these HoldUp Undergarment suspenders making these the best undergarment pant suspender for the bigger man. Buy American and get the quality you deserve. Worn also by the larger plus sized pregnant women needing a super soft comfortable and invisible way to "HoldUp" their maternity pants and shorts.

  • 2" wide Hip-Clip style undergarment suspenders with jumbo silver clips
  • Hidden 2" undergarment suspenders worn under your loose fitting shirt
  • Attaches with just 2 jumbo chrome no-slip clips
  • Super soft thick elastic fabric with smooth velcro length adjustment
  • Wide side-clip trucker style suspenders worn under any shirt

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