Holdup Suspender Company Inc.

Hold-Ups 1 1/2" Wide Classic Dark Green X-back Suspenders with Silver No-slip Cl


NEW - Classic Series Holdup Suspenders now come in a dark GREEN solid color USA made washable strap available now in our new Amazon Web shop. These course weave basic blue colored Holdup's have top grade brown leather X-back style crosspatch embossed with our Holdup logo. These also have triple plated silver/chrome finished patented NO-SLIP® suspender clips and matching length adjuster. Guaranteed to never slip, slide, or fly off your pants because of the exclusive needle sharp center locking pin and new slant faced clamp to prevent flipping open while sitting down on couches or car seats. Made in America with USA milled elastic jacquard colorfast fabrics, these are the best choice in low cost Holdup brand patented suspenders. These deep green Classic Holdups are 1 1/2" wide, adjustable to 48" in length to fit men to 6" tall and carry a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Dark Green Classic X-nack slip on suspenders are made in the USA and have patented no-slip clips

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