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Holdup Brand No-buzz XL Airport Friendly Dark Blue X-back Suspenders with Patented Gripper Clasps


Frequent flyers and those passing through building metal detector checkpoints will love these XL big and tall dark blue Holdup X-back suspenders. The Big guy can now breeze right through airport security in these USA made navy blue metal-free Holdup suspenders while looking stylish! What big and tall man, who ends his day on a high-rise balcony toasting his boardroom victories with a scotch and cigar, is not a man who strips off his suspenders in the airport and ends up with his pants around his ankles.  These dark blue No-buzz Series Holdups, with sure-gripping patented Gripper clasps, pass easily through security metal detectors at airports and any secure building metal detector checkpoints. Buy using your Amazon or PayPal account and get free freight offer during checkout.

HoldUp Brand XL Big and tall sized No-buzz Airport Friendly Blue Suspenders with Patented Gripper Clasps

HoldUp Brand XL Big and tall sized No-buzz Airport Friendly Blue Suspenders with Patented Gripper Clasps

Dark Blue X-back no-alarm Holdup Suspenders with patented Gripper Clasps for the Big and Tall frequent flier


Navy Blue XL 54" longer Big and tall man's model with dressy X-back genuine black leather crosspatch embossed with our HoldUp logo keeps you looking your business-like best. Great too for  the bigger man who has to pass through building security metal detectors or is a frequent flyer needing suspenders to holdup their pants. These suspenders are 1 1/2" wide and adjustable to 54" in length for the Big & Tall man well over 6 feet tall or with a large belly... Holdup part number 7508XLP

  • 1 1/2" wide and 54" extra long Navy Blue patented no-buzz suspenders won't trigger metal detectors at airports or secure buildings
  • USA made Dark Blue XL Holdup brand suspenders for frequent fliers and those entering buildings through metal detectors that are over 6 feet  tall
  • Blue XL 54" longer travel suspenders for the taller man with black patented plastic gripper clasps
  • X-back navy blue XL big and tall no-buzz suspenders for frequent fliers or the bigger man entering buildings through metal detector checkpoints
  • American made XL Blue clip-on metal free Holdup suspenders made to fit the bigger man

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