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Holdup Brand Extra Long XL Sun Tan Suspenders with Jumbo Patented No-slip Center Pin Clips


These 54" Extra Long light Sun Tan beige-colored 2" wide Jumbo XL Contractor Series suspenders are specifically designed for securely holding up a bigger man's pants throughout years of wear. With everything imaginable hanging from your trousers, it's hard to keep them up with just an ordinary belt. The Contractor Series Hold-up suspender is specially designed with wider straps and our patented No-slip jumbo silver clips assure your pants are Always Up with maximum comfort. These make perfect gifts for that hard-working Big & Tall man, who knows the limitations of conventional suspenders. This style has 4 jumbo silver-tone clips with needle-sharp center pin for extra holding power. Buy here using your Debit/Credit card or checkout using your Amazon or PayPal account and get free freight offer on all orders during secure checkout!

Holdup XL Big and Tall Sun-Tan X-back wide work Suspenders and No-slip Jumbo Silver Clips

American made Contractor 2x4 Series Sun Tan Holdup X-back Suspenders with jumbo patented center pin type no-slip clips.

Extra long tan wide Holdup brand work suspenders in XL big and tall length and jumbo silver no-slip clips


All materials are carefully chosen for elastic durability, good looks and are guaranteed to never slip, slide, or fly off. These have a top grade natural leather X-back style crosspatch embossed with our trademarked Holdup logo. These are part of the 2x4 Contractor Series Hold-up wide work suspenders with Cotton poly-blend hand washable USA made straps in 9 colors. Great for wearing with work jeans and our trademarked Holdup logo is etched into the Top Quality leather double strength crosspatch. Great for those seeking the best in a rugged light beige washable working man's suspender. Specially designed for extra large men or tall men. Now available at Suspenders.com Amazon powered webshop making a great gift for that handyman in your life with Amazon account payments , Shipping and Prime return policies. Construction workers, Bikers and hikers love wearing these jumbo no-slip clip patented USA made tan work suspenders too!

  • 2" wide USA made Light SunTan beige suspenders in 54" longer length
  • Jumbo Silver tone Patented no-slip® clips on these light tan work suspenders
  • Brown leather double stitched logo in X-back crosspatch style with embossed Hold-up® logo
  • Sun Tan beige Extra Long Hold-up® work suspenders in adjustable 54" length
  • Light Tan wide work Hold-up® suspenders in longer 54" length for the Big and Tall man

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