Replacement Suspender Clips

Holdup exclusive Patented replacement suspender clips and Gripper Clasps
Replacement Suspender clips discounted in groups of 6 of each style

Easily make any of your suspenders come back to life again by replacing your non-working suspender clips with any of our patented "no-slip"® clips, or composite plastic Gripper Clasps that are used in all our unique patented 250+ suspender styles. 

Metal Finger Clips

The patented, “no-slip”™ clip features a sharp center pin, which pierces the material like a needle, without damaging or cutting  the fabric.

Available in:

  • Nickel: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/8”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”
  • Gold: 7/8”, 1 1/8”, 1-1/2”
  • Black: 5/8”

Composite Plastic Clips

The patented, composite plastic cam activated gripper clasp™ will not slip – the harder you pull the tighter it grips.

Available in:

  • Black Plastic: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”
  • Beige: 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” and now 2" width
  • Red or Blue - narrow 1/2"

Metal Jumbo Clips

The patented, “no-slip”™ clip features a sharp center pin, which pierces the material like a needle, without damaging or cutting  the fabric.

Available in:

  • Nickel: 2”
  • Black: 2”
  • Black Plastic

How to Select a Clip

For metal clip size, measure as shown for strap width clearance. Then simply select the correct size and style option. For thicker Plastic Clasps use inside dimensions.

Measuring replacement suspender clips

For instructions on replacing clips Holdup Suspender clips and plastic Gripper Clasps.

View Short video clip on how to replace/repair a Holdup Suspender no-slip clip!
This instructional video is posted at to help our customers follow these simple steps to
repair any Holdup suspender with clips sold on this page.

 Purchase our patented metal no-slip suspender or ID badge clips below and use these clips to replace the worn out metal clip on your older suspenders. Make your nostalgic suspender braces come back to life using our superior metal clips or the newly patented plastic GRIPPER CLASPS in various sizes. Please choose 6 or 12 of each style replacement suspender clips to maximize discount price levels calculated in our secure shopping cart...

1/2" Suspender Clips

Nickel Metal no-slip Suspender Clips and Colored plastic Gripper Claps  in 1/2" width

5/8" Suspender Clips

Black powder coated Metal no-slip suspender Clips in 5/8" width

3/4" Suspender Clips

Black Composite Plastic Clasp or Nickel Metal Clips in 3/4"

7/8" Suspender Clips

Gold Finish or Nickel Metal Clips in 7/8"

1" Suspender Clips

Black Composite Plastic Clasp or Nickel and Black Metal Clips in 1" width

1-1/8" Suspender Clips

Gold Finish or Nickel Metal Finger Clips in 1-1/8"

1-1/4" Suspender Clips

Black or Beige Composite Plastic Clasp or Nickel Metal Clips in 1-1/4"

1-1/2" Suspender Clips

Black or Beige Composite Plastic Claps or Gold, Black Oxide or Nickel Metal Clips in 1-1/2"

2" Suspender Clips

Replacement 2" wide metal suspender Clips or Jumbo Composite Plastic Gripper Clasps in black or light beige. Discounted in sets of 6.

Just think of all the possibilities for products using our patented clips on anything with a strap...


 HoldUp® Suspenders feature our exclusive, patented, “NO-SLIP"® SUSPENDER CLIP and the new Patented Composite Plastic Gripper Clasp featured on all Holdup products sold online and in stores.  They will never slip, slide or fly off, no matter how much you bend or twist! 

Holdup Suspenders -so unique they're Patented.Apparel Industry Newsflash: Amazing solution to one of Man's oldest problems has finally beenHoldup Suspender Company's new Patented Gripper Clasp, or suspender buckle, is used on many Holdup styles. found! Holdup Suspender Company has the cure for frustrated suspender wearers all over the world who are tired of suspender clips that keep slipping off their waistband. Our exclusive and patented "no-slip" clip is guaranteed to never slip-slide or pop off your pants. We now also feature the panted Composite Plastic, cam activated Gripper Clasp™, the harder you pull the tighter they grip, in various Holdup Suspender Series. Browse through our men's suspender styles shown on the top navigation bar with links to all the suspender category sections. If you want to purchase discount replacement Holdup suspender clips and the Plastic Gripper Clasps in a variety of sizes for different width suspender straps ... CLICK HERE.

Wide selection of men braces with the patented no-slip suspender clipWe guarantee our quality suspenders and back them up with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. Take this opportunity to review our USA made clip-on suspenders in a huge variety of styles and colors. All are tastefully designed to please the most discriminating wearer. 

It all starts with our unique Patented suspender clip


 Use the above Holdup Series links to view the over 450 styles of men's and women's clip-on suspenders we offer for sale using our new totally secure shopping cart and this redesigned web site. Our USA made suspenders for men, women and kids all feature our patented no-slip suspender clips of the new composite plastic Gripper Clasps. From snow Ski suspenders to children mitten and bib straps, and 2" wide work suspenders all make the perfect gift for men and women.... and now styles for kids.

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No-Buzz Holdup suspenders have Patented plastic gripper clasps and length adjusted so they pass through Airport and building metal detectors

No-Buzz Holdup suspenders have super strong plastic gripper clasps and composite plastic length adjusters in multiple colors are made to pass through Airport and secure building metal detectors. We offer Hip-Clip trucker type side clip models and X-back 4 strap models with 4 gripper clasps. Click to see all the No-buzz suspender styles