Holdup Shirt Stays Y-style w/ patented Gripper Clasps $21.95/pair

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Patented Stay-Downs Shirt Tail Y-type Garter straps $21.95/pair

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Black Plastic Clip, Velcro Adjuster, One Size Fits All, 1in Wide
Black Plastic Clip, Velcro Adjuster, One Size Fits All, 1" Wide, $21.95
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Finely USA Patent granted for a American made dress shirttail garter type strap called a Holdup shirt stay down that hold down your dress or uniforn shirt tightly in 0place. Holdups patented and trademarked Shirt Stay-Downs gives you that best dressed fitted shirt look made famous during military and police dress uniform inspections when a tight shirt look was required.. The main problem with all other shirt stays is that their flimsy clips easily slip off the socks or shirt tails and at times the metal clips damage the fabric. Holdup Shirt Stay-Downs use our patented, composite plastic gripper clasps eliminating this issue since they grip tighter the harder you pull on them. The super soft to the skin black elastic strap and built-in smooth Velcro type length adjustment system will never snag leg hair like the metal length adjusters always do. They are functional, easy to use and very comfortable. Imagine dancing the wildest boogie without ever having your shirt billow out or become untucked. Look well tailored at the office or when out on the town as your shirt no longer billows and bunches with that spare tire look around your middle. Made in U.S.A. and priced at $21.95 per pair. Our patented shirt stays are the only ones with the patented Gripper clasps or metal no-slip clips that hold tight all day long.

Buy these Holdup Shirt tail Stay-Downs and keep that fitted neatly tucked in look all day long for $19.95

 Holdup Suspender Company was granted a Shirt Stay US Utility design Patent # 8832866 B2 in September 2014 and now US Patent # 9339071 B2 in May 2016 Holdup Patented Stirrup loop style Shirt Stay-Downs gives you that best dressed fitted shirt look by eliminating billowing shirts at your waistline. This style shirt tail garter strap features the step in Stirrup model giving you that "spit and polish" military dress code look of a wrinkle-free tucked in pressed shirt and feature of fabric safe Gripper Clasps. 

Inspired by those tricks to get that "spit and polish" look during military dress code inspections comes a simple solution to eliminate bulging rumpled looking dress shirts billowing out at your waist. These comfortable patented Shirt Stay-Downs simply attach at one end to your socks in seconds with patented Gripper clasps. The other end attaches to your shirt tail, and the smooth Velcro length adjustment system is used to lock in place the adjusted length. They are functional, easy to use and very comfortable. The simple way to keep shirts in place, while keeping your socks up for only $21.95/pair. This is the simple solution giving your shirt a just pressed look that lasts all day long.

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  • bruce c on 3/19/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    I love this product so much I'm buying more. I used similar elastics in the military to keep my uniform shirt tucked in. These are better because of the gripper clip.

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