1 1/2" UnderUps™ No-buzz Hip Clip Style w/ Gripper Clasps

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1 1/2" UnderUps™ with No-Buzz™ Composite Gripper Clasps side clip suspenders

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Beige Clip, Velcro Adjuster, X-Back, One Size Fits All, 1 1/2in Wide
Beige Clip, Velcro Adjuster, X-Back, One Size Fits All, 1 1/2" Wide, $21.95
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1 1/2" UnderUps™ in Hip Clip® style + silver clips!

Product Description

These patented 1 1/2" wide Airport-Friendly Hip Clip® Under-Ups™ from HoldUp® Suspender Company are USA made undergarment suspenders designed to be worn under the shirt next to the skin. Made of washable, durable super soft  poly-blend elastic straps, built to last through many years of wear. They feel so super soft and comfortable under your shirt, you'll forget you're wearing them. This style of Under-Ups features a patented Velcro type length adjusting system.  and 2 of our patented composite plastic grippers clasps® - the harder you pull,  the tighter it grips. Will not  trigger building or airport metal detectors. These suspenders also qualify for medical reimbursement as a durable medical equipment (DME) HCPCS code#: A4466 ...  see note at bottom of page.

Sal Herman the President of Holdup Suspender Co loves wearing these Under-Ups in a 2 clasp Hip-Clip style as they are so comfortable He forgets He's even wearing them

The patented Gripper Clasps that attach at the side of your pant or shorts waistband make going to the bathroom a simple quick task. Gripper Clasps detach and reattach easily without having to remove the shirt. Some call this Hip-Clip style a trucker suspender since no clips are digging in your belly or back, while seated on long cross country highway trips.  Designed for wearing with shorts or pants during hot summer months under your favorite loose fitting polo shirt, tees, banded bottom or cabana type beach shirts. They are favorites with plus sized pregnant women and those restricted from wearing belts due to stomach surgeries. Features our patented flush webbing length adjustment design, which eliminates bulky plastic adjusters and uses a hook and loop length adjusting system. Will not slip or pop-off your pants. 


 Some frequent travelers wanted our airport friendly composite plastic gripper clasps put on the super soft under-garment fabric... in the HipClip® style. You can purchase these for $21.95They are comfortably worn under your shirt next to the skin with a super soft 1 1/2" wide elastic and our patented "no slip" composite plastic gripper clasps. The harder you pull the tighter they grip. One size fits most all. Will not trip any metal detector alarms.  Under-garment suspender + No Alarm Gripper Clasps + HipClip©Trucker two clip attachment style now priced at just $21.95


Comfort .. Security .. Confidence .. Improved Body Image. Brand new is the patented Hip Clip "Trucker Suspender" style made to wear under your shirt. Just slide in your arms through the super soft straps and attach to your waistband with just 2 clips. Wear under your shirt, jacket or sweater in total comfort .

  Hidden under this loose fitting Tommy Bahama summer shirt are these super strong undergarment suspender with strong plastic patented gripper clasps.
Out of sight and so comfortable you'll forget your wearing these Under-Ups with pants, scrubs or shorts.

Under-Ups in beige are hidden supersoft suspenders worn under your shirt with pants or shorts

This patented no-buzz hip-clip style with the composite plastic gripper clasp is reimbursible by the major insurance carriers as a durable medical equipment (DME)
HCPCS code: A4466,  Hold-Up Suspender Company, Inc, product # 6406HP


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