Larry King Signature Series Collectable Suspenders

Get the only suspenders exclusively endorsed by Larry King which are embossed with his signature in to top grade leather crosspatch... limited Qty ... $54.95


Larry King meets with Holdup Suspender Company founder Sal Herman to endorse the Holdup line of USA made suspenders and discuss a limited edition Larry King suspenderTV Celebrity and Talk show host Larry King, known as Mr. Suspenders, meets up withLarry King's signature embossed in the Black jacquard weave Double-Up suspenders exclusively sold by Holdup Suspender Company theHoldup Suspender Company founder and suspender patent holder Sal Herman. Surprise ... surprise! They both prefer wearing jeans daily with their favorite suspenders at work and when out on the town.

Now, after Larry King officially endorsed the Holdup Brand of men's suspenders, we offer a limited edition Larry King Signature suspender for $54.95. No other suspender has the satin finished jacquard weave and Larry Kings signature embossed in a top grade Y-back leather crosspatch. Get your signature series Holdup suspenders in Red, Burgundy, Black or White from the individual color thumbnail images below while the supply lasts. Larry will be wearing these during his new TV webcast shows and public appearances. Follow Larry King at his Facebook page... & Ora TV "Larry Now" show

 Sal Herman and Larry King collaborated on color choices and jacquard weave USA made elastic fabrics for these limited collector's edition of  patented Holdup Suspenders 1 1/2" wide in 4 colors. These Larry King Signature Series Holdups are collector items. They are the only suspenders Larry has ever had with his signature embossed on the Black or white Leather double stitched crosspatch. The dual clip Double-Ups Style has a traditional button brace look like Larry's huge collection of button on braces filling his closet. Larry now knows these new collector series Larry King suspenders are much easier to put on and have cured the waistband rollover problem common with his older collection of button on braces. Larry admits he hates sewing suspender buttons on his jeans and slacks. Also sold on this page are some other Holdup styles Larry King tried on and decided He couldn't part with during the endorsement photo shoot at Larry's Hollywood Mansion.

It took Holdup Suspender Company several month's to come up with a rich jacquard weave USA made elastic fabric suitable for use in these collector edition Larry King suspenders. Larry is fussy about his suspenders. So Holdup Suspender Company founder,inventor, and Patent holder worked his magic and came up with Larry's favorite suspender fabric strap colors and coupled them with all the trademarked design features of our Double-Up line of Holdup Suspenders. Take a look and you'll agree these are a unique quality men's fashion accessory combining good taste with function. 

Larry King Signature Series suspenders in 4 special jacquard weave tone on tone colors are sold on a detail page linked from the below Larry King color choices for $54.95...der Larry King Signature Suspenders online for $49.95  

Black Larry King Signature collectable suspenders

Larry King Black jacquard signature series collectable Holdup suspenders.

Burgundy Larry King Signature Series suspenders

Larry King Signature Series jacquard suspenders in burgundy color 

Larry King RED Signature Series suspenders

Larry King RED Jacquard Signature Series Holdup suspenders.

Larry King White Signature Series suspenders

Larry King White signature series suspenders for $54.95


 Bright Red Larry King Signature Series Holdup Suspenders in jacquard weave of red squares for $49.95 or White on white jacquard weave exclusive Larry King Signature Series suspenders sell for 49.95 or Black Larry King signature series Double-Ups for 49.95

LK exclusive Burgundy on burgundy squares patterns in a jacquard elestic fabric used on these Larry King signature series suspenders Burgundy weave

Official Larry King Signature Series Holdup suspenders in exclusive jacquard weave in 4 colors for 54.95


click to see large view of our Double-Up no-slip suspender clip These Larry King Double-Up style Holdups have the patented black powder coated no-slip clips attached to tapered black leather clip tab holders. These clips make it simple to attach to formal or casual slacks and even Larry's jeans from the top of the waistband. The Suspender Kings... Larry and Sal Herman... love wearing jeans with their suspenders and are very pleased with the results of designing this exclusive line of Larry King branded Holdups just for you! Click image on left for larger view.

 Use the above Holdup Series links to view the over 450 styles of men's and women's clip-on suspenders we offer for sale using our new totally secure shopping cart and this redesigned web site. Our USA made suspenders for men, women and kids all feature our patented no-slip suspender clips of the new composite plastic Gripper Clasps. From snow Ski suspenders to children mitten and bib straps, and 2" wide work suspenders all make the perfect gift for men and women.... and now styles for kids.

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No-Buzz Holdup suspenders have Patented plastic gripper clasps and length adjusted so they pass through Airport and building metal detectors

No-Buzz Holdup suspenders have super strong plastic gripper clasps and composite plastic length adjusters in multiple colors are made to pass through Airport and secure building metal detectors. We offer Hip-Clip trucker type side clip models and X-back 4 strap models with 4 gripper clasps. Click to see all the No-buzz suspender styles