1.5" Black No-Buzz Under-Up Hip-Clip Style

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1 1/2" wide No-buzz Airport-Friendly Hip-Clip Undergarment Suspenders in Black with Gripper Clasps

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Black Plastic Clip, Black Plastic Adjuster, One Size Fits All, 1 1/2in Wide
Black Plastic Clip, Black Plastic Adjuster, One Size Fits All, 1 1/2" Wide, $21.95
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These 1 1/2" wide  No-Buzz™ airport-friendly Hip-Clip® style suspenders, also known as the “trucker” suspender, is preferred by truckers because the clips are located on the side, completely eliminating the possibility of the clips flipping open when sliding into a seat. This better by design style also prevents the clips from digging into the belly while sitting. The USA made super soft elastic straps crisscross the back, so it feels like wearing a shoulder holster more than a suspender. These suspenders feature a plastic slide adjuster and our patented "no-slip"® black composite gripper clasp and will not trigger airport or secure building metal detectors. The patented cam activated Gripper Clasp actual grips better the harder you pull on the Gripper clasps.


Black hidden undergarment Holdup suspenders with 2 black Gripper clasps that attach at side of pants or shorts

Hip-Clip Style TIP: To lower the sewn X-back crosspatch on your back just move the 2 no-slip clips, or plastic Clasps, more towards the front of your pants. the above 1-1/2" no buzz model has X-back leather crosspatch

Airport friendly wear is in the new travel lingo. With airport security being a necessary hassle after 9/11 the folks at Southfield Michigans Holdup Suspender Company have found a way to turn a negative into a positive. Introducing the NO BUZZ suspender in the soft Under-Up Hip-Clip stylings Click to view the Suspender Buckle patent # D619,495 S certificate used on the Ski-Ups and No-buzz style Holdup suspenders( as in no metal detector tripping metal clips) the company boasts they're now "airport friendly” with this top $21.95 top seller and they've added 3 new all black model.  Now you can add suspenders to your "airport friendly” business travel packing list and weanr these with pants or shorts? These also will not trigger alarms when entering government and school buildings or courtrooms.

ALERT on increased Airport Security:  Prior to 9/11 terrorist attack getting to your flight on time, has become even more of a challenge today. Come to think of it, airport and friendly are not words we readily associate with each other due to metal detectors everywhere. Airport security has been beefed up around the world. Passengers complain that the whole check-in process takes longer then ever. The extra checks, and the soft (no metal) shoe shuffle with the shoe removal, all take extra time at security checkpoints. Extra time usually means extra stress. It’s probably no dance party for the security people either. You can now purchase “airport friendly no metal NO BUZZ travel suspenders” from Holdup Suspender's ecatalog. These suspenders feature space age composite plastic easy to open/close gripper clasps as part of their airport friendly suspender lineup. The USA made super soft elastic straps can be worn under any loose fitting shirt comfortably all day long.


How about a HIP-CLIP trucker style 1 1/2" width Black Holdup suspender with X-back  super soft hidden undergarment suspenders that attach to your pants with just 2 Patented composite plastic Gripper Clasps. These also have plastic sliding length adjusters so they won't trigger metal detectors at airports or secure office and school buildings.. 

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  • Allen P on 5/4/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    These are great and I AM ORDERING ANOTHER PAIR!

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No-Buzz Holdup suspenders have Patented plastic gripper clasps and length adjusted so they pass through Airport and building metal detectors

No-Buzz Holdup suspenders have super strong plastic gripper clasps and composite plastic length adjusters in multiple colors are made to pass through Airport and secure building metal detectors. We offer Hip-Clip trucker type side clip models and X-back 4 strap models with 4 gripper clasps. Click to see all the No-buzz suspender styles