Specialty Holdup Suspenders

Specialty suspenders from HoldUp Suspender Company meet a variety of specific needs, from active sports to hidden undergarment super soft suspenders and now Holdups for Kids and teens. All feature our patented "no slip" metal clips or the patented composite plastic Gripper clasps which make these made in the USA products unique.

Holdup patented clips are used in a variety of our USA made products

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Kids Collection

Holdup Suspender Company manufacturers clip-on suspenders in small sizes for infants, toddlers and the K-12 school age kids. The Children's Collection of Holdups all feature our patented composite plastic Gripper Clasps in red, blue or black. We offer these in 1/2" to 1 1/4" widths on USA made suspender straps. Kids suspenders in 24", 30" , 36" or 42" lengths to fit all age groups. Buy Mitten and Bib clips, and Mit-n-Straps priced from $9.95. See suspenders »

Larry King Signature Series

Exclusive Larry King signature series Holdup suspenders are made in the USA and come in 4 jacquard weave colors 1 1/2" wide elastic. Dual clip Double-Up trademarked style, which look just like Larry's traditional button on braces that sell for $54.95. Limited production, these will eventually sell out and become collector items. Larry Kings signature is embossed in the top grade leather Y-back style crosspatch. Be the first to own Larry King limited edition suspenders. See suspenders »

Shirt Stay-Downs

Inspired by that "spit and polish" look of military dress inspections comes a simple solution to eliminate bulging rumpled looking dress shirts billowing out at your waist. These comfortable Shirt Stay- Downs simply attach at one end to your socks in seconds with patented Gripper clasps. The other end attaches to your dress, or uniform shirt tail, and the smooth velcro length adjustment system is used to lock in the adjusted length. The simple way to keep shirts in place. See suspenders »

Sport Series

Holdup Suspenders in various Sports theme patterns including the popular Tee Time clip-on suspenders for Golfers and Slap Shot for Hockey fans. These 1 3/8" wide USA made suspenders are limited edition models and the exclusive patterns cannot be duplicated as the elastic fabric mill no longer makes this pattern. The Sports Series have Black leather top grade crosspatches embossed with Holdup logo and we have limited quantities of Y or X-back styles. Priced at $32.95 See suspenders »


These easy to use, soft, comfortable undergarment (side-clip style) suspenders with our patented "no-slip"® clip will keep your maternity pants in place no matter how far along you are. Holdup brand maternity suspenders are made to wear under any loose fitting maternity blouse in total comfort all during your pregnancy. Eliminates hitching up maternity pants and shorts. See suspenders »


Under-Ups™, the patented undergarment suspenders are designed to wear under your clothes. Comfortable, functional and great for everyday wear. Traditional X-back style available in extra long. The hip-clip style with the composite plastic clip iis reimbursable by the major insurance carriers as a durable medical equipment (DME) For details, see the product page. Only $21.95 to $26.95 See suspenders »


No-Buzz™ Airport-friendly suspenders are ideal for the frequent traveler. Clips are made of composite plastic so they won't set off airport security alarms. Black Hip-Clip® style available in XL 54" length. Only $21.95 to $24.95. See suspenders »


Biker suspenders and Biker Boot and pant leg straps from HoldUp® are ideal for the motorcycle enthusiast. Black and Flame or Skull and crossbones Patterned Biker heavy duty Holdup suspenders keep your pants up, while cruising. The unique Bike boot stirrup straps in black with black jumbo patented no-slip clips keep your pant legs down, while cruising the highways. Only $23.95 for Biker pattern 2" wide HD suspenders See suspenders »


The patented Hang-UP™ suspender hanger from HoldUp® keeps your suspenders organized and makes them easy to find, easy to attach and easy to remove. Only $13.95. See suspenders »


Ski-Ups™ suspenders from HoldUp® are a must for the active skiier or snowboarder. Our patented "no-slip"® composite plastic gripper clasps stay on during even the most difficult runs without damaging expensive ski-wear. Only $21.95 for 48" adult size or 20.95 for shorter 42" length for teenage guys and gals. These all have patented black composite plastic Gripper Clasps perfect for holding up Gortex ski pants or thicker jeans. See suspenders »

Under-Ups™ Hip Clip

Under-Ups™ undergarment suspenders are designed to wear under your clothes. Comfortable, functional and great for everyday wear. These 1 1/2" or 2" wide Under-Ups are worn underloose fitting shirts hidden from view. The USA made soft elastic hypo-allergenic straps have a sewn X-back styling. The hip-clip no-buzz style with the composite plastic gripper clasp is reimbursable by the major insurance carriers as durable medical equipment (DME) For details see the product page. See suspenders »

Urban Youth

Urban Youth Suspenders are stylish and fashionable. These skinny suspenders come in a variety of colors and patterns that reflect your individuality. Only $17.95 to $26.95 See suspenders »

 Use the above Holdup Series links to view the over 450 styles of men's and women's clip-on suspenders we offer for sale using our new totally secure shopping cart and this redesigned Suspenders.com web site. Our USA made suspenders for men, women and kids all feature our patented no-slip suspender clips of the new composite plastic Gripper Clasps. From snow Ski suspenders to children mitten and bib straps, and 2" wide work suspenders all make the perfect gift for men and women.... and now styles for kids.

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No-Buzz Holdup suspenders have Patented plastic gripper clasps and length adjusted so they pass through Airport and building metal detectors

No-Buzz Holdup suspenders have super strong plastic gripper clasps and composite plastic length adjusters in multiple colors are made to pass through Airport and secure building metal detectors. We offer Hip-Clip trucker type side clip models and X-back 4 strap models with 4 gripper clasps. Click to see all the No-buzz suspender styles