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Hold-Ups White, 1 1/2" wide Casual Series in X-back style Suspenders with Patented No-slip Gold clips


USA made Holdup Brand Casual Series suspenders in the WHITE LIGHTNING colored X-back Suspenders with a Cotton poly-blend coarse weave fabric strap. These are 1 1/2" wide and 48" long with gold-ton metal strap length adjusters so they comfortably fit men up to 6 feet tall. Our Casual Series Hold-ups are all about options and these have genuine brown leather double-sewn X-BACK log embossed crosspatch with patented gold no-slip clips and matching length adjuster. Only the best USA milled materials are specifically chosen for durability and lasting stretch are used in all Hold-up brand suspenders. These come with top grade BROWN leather tapered clip tab holders that vary in size and taper front to back for comfort and fastening convenience. The perfect daily wear white suspender at work or play. The single-clip Casual Series Holdups all feature our patented No-Slip Suspender Clip guaranteed to never slip, slide, or fly off your pants like all other suspender clips do. No matter how much you spend or how often you have a tailor sew on suspender buttons the net result will never equal a pair of WHITE LIGHTNING Hold-up suspenders! You can buy these here using your Amazon or PayPal account and get a free freight offer during secure checkout.

Hold-Ups White 1 1/2" Satin Finish Suspenders Y-Back Patented No-slip Gold Clips

USA made Holdup Brand Casual Series suspenders in the WHITE LIGHTNING colored X-back Suspenders and they're made better by patented design

USA made Holdup Brand Casual Series suspenders in the WHITE LIGHTNING colored X-back Suspenders

We offer you an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee which will back up our quality fabrics and clips. You'll love these or we'll gladly refund your money. Hold-up Suspender Company has the first suspender clip patent in 124 years to back up our entire line of 490 styles of men's and women's suspenders. Buy safely here at Holdup's www.Suspenders.com  webshop where we offer these Casual Series Holdups in additional 10 colors and back styles (X-or Y-back) with brown leather crosspatch embossed with our exclusive Hold-up brand logo. Great as a birthday or special occasion gift like Father's Day. Buy using your Amazon or PayPal account and get free standard freight option at checkout!

  • White Lightning casual suspenders with X-Back and gold tone patented NO-SLIP® clips with locking center pin design
  • 1 1/2" wide elastic Cotton poly-blend elastic fabric straps and top grade brown leather trim freatures
  • Hold-up® Suspenders all come with our patented NO-SLIP® clips
  • 30 day total satisfaction money back guarantee and standard free freight 
  • Tapered leather patented clkip tab holders tabs and double stitched X-back crosspatch stamped with Holdup logo

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