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Limited Edition Larry King Signature Black Holdup Suspenders in Double-Up Style with Patented No-slip clips

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Holdup Suspender Company presents the Limited Edition Larry King Black Double-Ups with Larry's signature etched into the black leather Crosspatch. Larry King signature Holdup dual clip Double-Up style black on black jacquard weave Suspenders with black leather crosspatch are made in the USA by Holdup Suspender Company. This limited quantity collectible Larry King Suspenders in 4 colors have 1 1/2" wide and 48" long poly blend straps (adjustable to fit men to 6 feet tall). This traditional style mirrors the look of black button-on suspenders exclusively endorsed by Larry King. Holdup Suspender Company worked with Larry to perfect these stunning all black jacquard patten weave suspender braces. By eliminating the custom tailoring requirement to sew suspender buttons onto every pair of pants you wish to wear with suspenders...now Larry can easily attach his signature Holdup Double-Ups to his entire wardrobe of pants in a snap of our patented clips. These dressy burgundy USA made suspenders look great at work or play with plaid or solid color shirts. Makes a great gift for that special man in your life who loves wearing suspenders. Purchase these with your Amazon or PayPal account or any Debit/Credit card and get a free freight offer during secure checkout.

USA made Double-Up style Black jacquard weave Larry King limited edition Holdup suspenders 

American made Double-Up style All black Larry King limited edition Holdup Suspenders with Y-back black genuine leather logo embossed crosspatch signed by TV star Larry King

Limited edition collectible Black Larry King signed Holdup suspenders in dual clip Double-Up style 

The only suspenders Larry has ever allowed to use with his signature embossed on the black genuine  Leather crosspatch are on sale here. Exclusive trademarked Double-Up design featured on these Holdup black Larry King Signature suspenders proves we can eliminate the proverbial waistband rollover" caused by button-on braces, which pull at the middle of the waistband. Our style attaches the clips at the top of any waistband. Great as a birthday or special occasion collectible gift. The USA made cotton poly-blend elastic strap materials were carefully chosen for elastic durability with a fine jacquard hand washable weave. 

  • USA made 1 1/2" wide black jacquard tone on tone pattern of linked squares. with genuine black leather Y-back LK signed crosspatch and trademarked black dual leather tapered clip tab holders
  • Dual no-slip patented suspender metal clips in black finish with needle-sharp center pin won't fly off your pants when sitting down on a sofa or car seats
  • Trademarkeddual clip Double-Ups style y-back Holdup Suspenders with limited edition black jacquard weave pattern of linked rectangles look great with colored or plaid shirts at work or any special event.

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