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Holdup Hip-Clip Series dark Brown Trucker Style Suspenders with USA patented Jumbo No-slip Clips


Holdup Suspender Company now offers you an innovative dark Brown trucker side-clip style suspender Trademarked and called the Hip-Clip Style suspender. Shown here is the heavy duty side clip work suspenders with dark rustic brown 2" wide straps and jumbo heavy duty no-slip USA patented silver-tone clips. You easily slip these on like a backpack. Course weave cotton poly-blend washable straps adjust to fit even the larger man in total comfort. Now with Hip-Clip suspenders in 11 colors you can "Holdup" any weight pants with just the snap of two of our USA patented Jumbo NO-SLIP center pin clips at the side of your pants or shorts. These Brown Trucker Style side clip Holdups have silver strap length adjusters and the rugged elastic cotton poly-blend brown staps are hand washable and made for years of daily wear. The Genuine top grade brown leather X-back style crosspatch is embossed with Trademarked Holdup logo. Buy here using your Amazon or PayPal account, or favorite Debit/Credit card, and get Free freight offer at checkout on all orders.

USA made Holdup Brand dark brown 2" wide side-clip style suspender we trademarked as the Hip-Clip

Hip-Clip Series Brown Holdup brand work suspenders attach at the side of your pants with USA patented jumbo no-slip clips!

Hip-Clip Series Brown Holdup brand work suspenders attach at the side of your pants with patented jumbo no-slip clips and they're made in the USA!

No irritation from clips rubbing on your stomach or small of your back, as these attach at the side - away from all pressure points. That's why these brown HD work suspenders are a favorite with long haul truckers, factory workers, bikers, contractors. BONUS: Just flip open the two clips when going to the bathroom. No need to remove your suspenders or slide them off when wearing a jacket, shirt or under a sweater. Buy using your Amazon or PayPal account and get Free freight offer at secure checkout.

  • 2" wide Trucker Suspender attaches with just two USA patented no-slip Holdup clips with exclusive needle sharp center pin and recessed slant faced clip design
  • Great for wearing under your jacket or sweater for the working man needing a strong clip-on suspender without any clips digging into your lower back on long trips
  • Trucker Style Dark Brown Holdup side clip suspenders now called Hip-Clips with patented jumbo silver-tone no-slip clips really are the comfortable work suspender
  • Trucker style won't flip open clips when sitting down on long highway trips and no clips dig into your back when seated.

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