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Hold-Ups Formal Blue Satin Finished Holdup brand Double-ups Style Suspenders are made in the USA

$47.95 $49.95

Introducing our Formal Series Double-Ups suspenders in a 1" narrow width Satin Blue color. These stylish shiny dark blue HoldUp Suspender Company Y-back dressy suspenders are made in the USA. Satin Blue Double-Ups style suspenders have a shiny satin finished dense smooth poly-blend handwashable straps. Double-Ups have genuine black top grade leather logo embossed crosspatch and tapered black leather dual clip-tab holders. Only Double-Ups eliminate waistband rollover encountered with traditional button-on braces as these attach with patented no-slip center pin clips to the top of your waistband. These look and wear just like traditional button-on deep blue suspender braces perfect for wearing to formal events. Blue satin finished formal series Hold-Up suspenders in our Double-Ups style make the perfect blue formal looking tuxedo suspender. Buy here using your PayPal or Amazon account and get a free freight offer at checkout.

Hold-Ups Formal Blue Satin Finished Holdup brand Double-ups Style Suspenders and they're are made in the USA

Like all Hold-Up products sold here at Suspenders.com, these Satin Blue formal clip-on suspenders come with a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. The perfect blue tuxedo fancy suspenders for a lifetime of weddings and party events. Forget those tuxedo shop cheap rental suspenders. Buy several Formal Series Hold-Up brand suspender braces in various colors like these Satin Blue pair and get ready to get noticed at the party. These look just like traditional button-on blue suspender braces and make great wedding party gifts for the groom and best man.

  • Blue satin finished 1" wide and 48" long tuxedo suspender braces
  • Satin Blue formal suspenders with patented no-slip clips and satin finished straps.
  • HoldUp Formal Series Satin Blue dual-clip Double-Ups can be purchased here using your Amazon or Paypal accounts preferred credit card and you get Free freight option at checkout
  • Double-Up style blue tuxedo and business suit suspenders with black Y-back crosspatch
  • Black leather trim and formal looking 1" wide blue satin finished straps with traditional button-on suspender styling

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