All Black Casual Series

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Casual Series Suspenders in ALL BLACK color with Black Leather X or Y back crosspatch in normal and longer XL length.

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Gold Metal Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, X-Back, 54in Long, 1 1/2in Wide
Gold Metal Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, X-Back, 54" Long, 1 1/2" Wide, $26.95

Nickel Metal Clip, Nickel Metal Adjuster, X-Back, 48in Long, 1 1/2in Wide
Nickel Metal Clip, Nickel Metal Adjuster, X-Back, 48" Long, 1 1/2" Wide, $26.95

Nickel Metal Clip, Nickel Metal Adjuster, Y-Back, 48in Long, 1 1/2in Wide
Nickel Metal Clip, Nickel Metal Adjuster, Y-Back, 48" Long, 1 1/2" Wide, $26.95

Gold Metal Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, Y-Back, 48in Long, 1 1/2in Wide
Gold Metal Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, Y-Back, 48" Long, 1 1/2" Wide, $26.95

Gold Metal Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, X-Back, 48in Long, 1 1/2in Wide
Gold Metal Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, X-Back, 48" Long, 1 1/2" Wide, $26.95
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Product Description

The 1 1/2" All Black Casual Series suspenders from HoldUp® combine function with style for all of your casual or fashion needs wether your wearing them at the office or when out on the town partying with your friends. These look great all the time! 

Holdups Casual Series- 1-1/2 inch wide "ALL BLACK" suspenders featuring our patented gold or chrome/silver toned no slip clips with option for Y or X-back black leather crosspatch styling. These really look great with solid or pattern shirts as the black leathers and USA made course weave black straps make these the a popular choice in any businessman's wardrobe and every suspender wearers closet. The top grade black leather clip tab holders are tapered and the black leather Y-back crosspatch is embossed with the Holdup brand logo. The "All Black" casual series Holdups can double as a formal event suspender while having a toned down look for wearing with any casual outfit. Holdup's All black leather and strap combinations in Y or X-back will prevent you from suffering through the agony of those cheap Tuxedo Rental Shop pairs that never seem to hold up.

Click on above All Black Casual Series Holdup suspender models for detailed view on these black clip-on suspenders... 

You owe it to yourself to get our exclusive Casual Series USA made men's all black suspenders designed for a lifetime of parties and social events with our patented no-slip clips. The hand washable strap materials are carefully chosen for durability, pleasing look and above all they'll never Pop Off at the least opportune time. Great gift idea for the men at your wedding or as a Graduation or Father's Day present. Always Up for any occasion... buy several pair of these casual all black fabric and leather suspenders here with the different options. These come with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and we offer a dual clip Double-Ups style for 10.00 more in same 1 1/2" width.

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  • Vince S on 11/19/13
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    I choose to wear suspenders in the place of a belt.I'm working man.I drive truck in the construction trade.Mainly delivering building materials on work sites.Until I discovered The Holdup Suspender Company.The only suspenders for jeans were the serrated jaw type.This type would always slide off and wear a hole in my pants.I would have to replace otherwise good jeans several times a year.I was looking on line for a better way.I stumbled across Hold ups web site.I knew instantly this was the answer I was looking for.So.I ordered a pair.When they arrived I could easily see they were made of the finest quality materials and workmanship.I used them for a year and put them through the ringer.And not once have they slipped off.Even during the most demanding task.And with the "No Slip Clip" not one single pair was torn or damaged what so ever from the clips.My jeans wear out now instead of tearing in two months.I have placed three orders now and have never had one single issue with the company, product or price.ALWAYS a pleasure to do business with These folks.I am a customer for life.Order a pair for yourself and you will be to,

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No-Buzz Holdup suspenders have Patented plastic gripper clasps and length adjusted so they pass through Airport and building metal detectors

No-Buzz Holdup suspenders have super strong plastic gripper clasps and composite plastic length adjusters in multiple colors are made to pass through Airport and secure building metal detectors. We offer Hip-Clip trucker type side clip models and X-back 4 strap models with 4 gripper clasps. Click to see all the No-buzz suspender styles