Fire Engine Red dual clip Double-Ups

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Fire Engine Red dual Clip Double-Ups Y-back suspenders for $37.95

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Black Metal Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, Y-Back, 48in Long, 1 1/2in Wide
Black Metal Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, Y-Back, 48" Long, 1 1/2" Wide, $37.95

Beige Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, Y-Back, 54in Long, 1 1/2in Wide
Beige Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, Y-Back, 54" Long, 1 1/2" Wide, $40.95
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Product Description

Fire Engine RED dual clip Double-Ups in the Holdup casual series with patented shiny black no-slip clips. These have top grade Y-back style black leather crosspatch and matching black patented no slip clips attached to tapered black leather clip tab holders. Convenience as they attach to top of your pant waistband eliminating waistband rollovers, common with button on suspender braces. Y-back black leather crosspatch with Holdup logo embossed in the leather so you know they are genuine Holdups. Perfect for making a power fashion statement at work or when out on the town. These have a 30 day money back guarantee and are build in the USA with a design that is patented and trademarked

Fire Engine Red dual clip Double-Ups form Holdup Suspender Company sell for 34.95

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