Double-Ups Dark Denim Suspenders

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Casual Series Double-Ups® in Dark Denim Blue. Available in regular or XL length.

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Black Metal Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, Y-Back, 48in Long, 1 1/2in Wide
Black Metal Clip, Gold Metal Adjuster, Y-Back, 48" Long, 1 1/2" Wide, $37.95
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Product Description

These 1 1/2" Dark Denim flat finish, elastic, Casual Series Double-Up® suspenders from HoldUp® are great for casual Fridays, going to the local bar, watching a game, or hunting, and fishing. Relax, knowing that your pants are held up securely and comfortably with a sharp, fashionable looking suspender.

Our Double-Up suspenders from HoldUp, feature the classic look of button-on suspenders, with the convenience and ease of our patented "no-slip"® black metal oxide finished clips. Our patented "no-slip"® clips will never slip off or tear your pants. This is due to our patented plastic fabric gripper and needle-sharp center pin.

You can be casual, but don't have to look sloppy. Our suspenders add elegance to any outfit.  Each pair of our Casual Series Double-Ups® suspenders feature a Y-back with a high-quality black leather cross-patch, embossed with our HoldUp logo of quality, and leather clip tabs.  These suspenders have a matte finish and look great with jeans, khakis, sweatshirts, sweaters or even T-shirts. The classic styling looks good with practically anything.

Dark Denim Dual Clip Double-Up Y-bacj suspenders with patented no-slip clips

Traditional button-on braces often caused waistband rollover. Not so with HoldUp Double-Ups! This problem was eliminated due to your pants being held up at the top of the pant with our suspenders. With nine fashionable colors to choose from, buy several to match the variety in your wardrobe.  These braces are 48" end to end with adjustable lengths using the gold finished adjuster. You can also relax on furniture or in your car without worrying about the clips opening up. Our technology took care of that.

Dark Blue Denim colored Holdup Double-Up style dressy office and casual men's suspenders made in the USA

Great for birthdays, Holiday, or Father's Day presents, each pair of our suspenders comes with a 100% customer satisfaction money-back guarantee and "no-slip" limited warranty. Easy to care for, our suspenders only require infrequent hand-washing and drip drying.  The cost of our Casual Series Dark Denim color Double-Ups® suspenders is $37.95 in regular $48" length. The poly-bend strap fabric was designed to last and the Casual Series Double-Ups come in 14 versatile colors so you can buy several to wear with all of your wardrobe. Exclusive design feature of these Dark denim Double-Up suspenders eliminates the proverbial "waistband rollover" common with all button-on braces that pull at the middle of the waistband as shown in this picture


  • ** 1 1/2" wide Cotton Poly-blend top quality elastic straps with Black leather tabs and logoed crosspatch in a Y-back design
  • ** Steeper angle clip cam lever helps to prevent accidental opening when sitting down on car seats or couches 
  • ** Dark Jeans colored Traditional button-on looking suspenders without the sewing hassles called we trademarked as Double-Ups®
  • ** Dark denim color for wearing with jeans and these have a double stitched Y-back black leather crosspatch embossed with trademarked Holdup logo.
  • ** USA made Dark blue denim color with patented shiny black metal no-slip® clips with needle sharp center holding pin.


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