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Holdup Tradesman Series Work Suspenders in Carpenter Pattern with Patented Jumbo No-slip Clips


Tradesman Series "Carpenter" handyman pattern HoldUp work suspenders are specifically designed for securely holding up a working man's pants. With everything imaginable hanging from your trousers, it's hard to keep them up with just an ordinary belt. The Tradesman suspender, shown here in the Carpenter pattern, is specially designed with wider 2" straps and our patented silver tone metal JUMBO NO-SLIP clip to assure your pants are always up while on the job! These are adjustable to 48" in length. These make perfect gifts for that hard working man who knows the limitations of conventional suspenders.  

American made Holdup Brand Tradesmen Series Suspenders in Carpenter Pattern with Jumbo No-slip Center pin type Clips

USA made Tradesman Series "Carpenter" handyman pattern HoldUp work X-back suspenders with Jumbo silver no-slip center pin clips.  

Holdup Tradesman Pattern X-back work Suspenders in Carpenter Pattern with Patented Jumbo No-slip Clips

All HoldUp brand Tradesman Series suspenders use USA made cotton poly-blend 2" wide straps carefully chosen for long term elasticity, durability and feature a clip designed to not slip, slide, or fly off your work pants. These make a great gift for that handyman in your life. The HoldUp Suspender Company 2x4 Tradesman series work suspenders are designed for holding up the extra weight of tool belt holders and the variety of items workers attach to their belts like cellphones and electrical tape rolls. Designed for maximum holding power and the carpenters or home handymen will love wearing these at work when given as a gift. Buy using your Amazon or PayPal account or any credit card and get FREE Freight offer at checkout.

  • Tradesman Series have 2" wide dense weave cotton poly-blend straps that are hand washable
  • Genuine Top grade brown leather X-back crosspatch is embossed with our HoldUp® trademarked logo
  • Jumbo patented silver-finished no-slip® suspender clips on all Tradesman Series HoldUps designed to never fly off your pants due to our clip's needle sharp center lock in place pin
  • Sold here at Suspenders.com with 30 day money back customer satisfaction guarantee and free freight offer at secure checkout.

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