Holdup Suspender Company Inc

Hold-Ups Navy and Gray Striped 1 1/2" Wide Suspenders with X-back Black Leather crosspatch and No-slip Silver Tone Clips


Classic Hold-up Navy blue and gray striped X-back suspenders with a narrow white pinstripe are made in the USA by HoldUp Suspender Company. These USA made classic navy and gray striped Hold-Ups have woven elastic stripes in a 1 1/2" width with a narrow white accent stripe accent. These are adjustable in length up to 48" long to fit the normal size man to 6" tall. Shown here with the X-back option style featuring a top grade black leather sewn crosspatch embossed Trademarked Hold-Up logo. These also have the metal silver chrome finished NO-SLIP metal clips and matching metallic silver length adjusters. Securely order these fine conservative navy blue and gray X-back Hold-Up Striped series suspenders from our Amazon shop and wear them to College, the office or when out on the town. They come with a 30 day money back complete satisfaction guarantee and we sell them here as part of our tasteful and colorful Stripe Series Holdups in Y or X-back style. Free freight when using Amazon Prime account secure familiar checkout procedure.

Holdup stripe series classic navy blue and gray stripes clip-on suspender are made in the USA

  • Patented Navy Blue and Grey striped suspenders with No-slip® Hold-Up® suspender clips in silver tone color with needle sharp center holding pin
  • 1 1/2" wide USA made Woven elastic, fade resistant colorfast fabric straps in a Navy Blue/Gray stripe pattern with white pinstripe accents and 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • X-back black leather crosspatch embossed with Hold-Up® trademarked logo
  • Tapered black leather clip tab holders for the metal silver-tone patented no-slip® suspender clips with needle sharp center pin to really hold up your pants.
  • 1 1/2" wide and 48" long navy and gray and white stripe clip-on from Holdup Suspender Co are the classic striped suspenders for office and casual wear

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