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Holdup Black Pack Double-Up Style Y-back Suspenders with Patented Gripper Clasps

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You'll love these top selling USA made dressy Black dual Gripper Clasps Double-Up style suspenders now featuring our strong Gripper clasps. Brand New this year in our Casual Series Double-Ups is this black classy suspenders with patented composite plastic gripper clasps that hold tighter the harder you pull on them. These Formal looking suspender braces in our Casual Series Collection in 14 colors look great with a business suit or casual shirt at work or play.  Get the classic look of black button-on suspenders in our Trademarked Double-Up style with genuine black dual-clasp tab holders and top grade black leather Y-back crosspatch embossed with our trademarked HoldUp logo. You get a 30 day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee and the 1 1/2" wide cotton poly-blend colorfast straps are made for years of daily wear. "Black Pack" Double-Ups combine function and style and the silver-tone strap adjusters allow these to fit men to 6 feet tall. We also sell an XL version for the Big and Tall man. Get the aesthetic look of button-on black suspender braces with the convenience and ease of just snapping shut the patented black "GRIPPER Clasp" at top of your pant waistband without sewing on buttons. Buy these and other Holdup Styles here at www.Suspenders.com using your Amazon or PayPal account and all orders get a free standard freight offer at secure checkout.

Casual Series Double-Up black pack color suspenders with new super strong patented Gripper Clasps

USA made Casual Series Double-Up style Black Pack color dressy Holdup Suspenders now offered with Patented cam-actuated Gripper Clasp and 30 day money back guarantee.

Casual Series all black Double-Up style dressy Holdup Suspenders with Patented strong USA made gripper clasps  

 The Black Pack dual clip Double-Up styles Holdups are made in the USA by the Holdup Suspender Company. Buy using your Amazon or PayPal account and get free standard freight on a Better made black suspender made to last for years of daily wear. These dressy dual-clip Double-Up style suspenders have dense flat finish cotton poly-blend elastic straps. The hand-washable black colorfast 1 1/2" wide straps are matched with black top grade leather dual-clip tab holders turning them into a trademarked suspender design we call Double-Ups. These look just like traditional button-on black suspender braces and make great wedding party gifts. Buy several Casual Series Holdup brand suspender braces in 14 colors and get ready to get noticed at that party or work.

  • Black Pack Black 1 1/2" wide casual series Hold-Ups® with Y-back black logo embossed crosspatch
  • Hold-Up Casual Series black dual-clip Double-Ups® are made in the USA better by Patented Design and superior US-made materials
  • Double-Up® style black suspenders with top grade black leather Y-back crosspatch embossed with Holdup trademarked logo
  • HoldUp Suspender Company's Black Pack Double-Up Style Dressy All black Y-back Suspenders with Patented Cam actuated gripper clasps that grip tighter than any other suspender clip.
  • Genuine Black leather tapered dual clip tab holders and black top-grade Y-back leather crosspatch embossed with Holdup logo will make these your go-to suspender to get noticed in a crowd at parties or happy hour..

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