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Holdup Brand Light Blue Denim Trucker Style 2" Wide Hipclip Suspenders with Patented Jumbo No-slip Clips


Holdup Brand light blue denim color Side-Clip or Trucker style suspender we call the Hip-Clip Style. Buy this practical heavy-duty X-back side clip suspender in our new webshop using your Amazon or PayPal account accepting all credit/Debit cards. These Light BLUE DENIM HIP-CLIP colored Holdups are 2" wide USA made Cotton poly-blend course weave straps and silver-tone jumbo patented NO-SLIP clips. These are 48" long (adjustable) so they fit men to six feet tall or the heavy set man. Now you can comfortably hold up any weight pants with just the snap of 2 of our exclusive NO-SLIP clips at the side of your pant waistline in total comfort. Our heavy duty 2" wide Hip-Clip Style Holdup suspenders in Light BLUE DENIM color have cotton poly-blend washable straps and made to last through years of daily wear. Notice the leather X-back style crosspatch that's double-stitched and has our logo embossed in the leather. Simply place arms through shoulder straps and clamp down the 2 Holdup Suspenders patented jumbo NO-SLIP clips on both sides of any weight pants. The exclusive Locking needle sharp center pin will never fray waistband material or fly off your pants when sliding across truck or car seats. No clips digging into your the back of your pants with this style men's clip-on suspender. FREE FREIGHT option during checkout on all orders.

 Hip-Clip Blue Denim color 2 inch wide side clip Holdup Suspenders with Jumbo Silver No-slip center pin type clips

Hip-Clip Blue Denim color 2-inch wide side clip Holdup Suspenders with Jumbo Silver No-slip center pin type clips and they're made in the USA.

Hip-Clip Style BONUS: No irritation from clips rubbing on your stomach or small of your back, as these attach at the side away from all pressure points. That's why they're a favorite with long haul truckers, policemen, bikers, contractors, etc. BONUS: Just flip open the two clips when going to the bathroom. No need to remove your suspenders or slide them off when wearing a jacket, shirt or under a sweater. The X-back support is an excellent posture enhancer and this design bypasses the largest of bellies FOR THE BIGGER MAN. 30 day money back guarantee with all our suspenders. Truckers love this darker blue denim color and so do all who wear jeans with their suspenders. America's primary manufacturer of men's suspenders make these light blue jeans denim color side-clip (Hip-Clip) style suspenders that simply attach with just 2 Jumbo silver/chrome NO-SLIP clips at your waist. Choose the free standard freight option when checking out. Buy now using your PayPal or Amazon account and we accept all credit and Debit cards for payment with Free Freight offer at checkout on all orders.

 Light Blue Denim Side clip Holdup Hip-Clip Suspenders with patented jumbo no-slip clips

  • The only suspender brand with Patented jumbo nickel plated NO-SLIP® suspender clips and matching metal length adjuster on all Hip-Clip style suspenders that slip on like a backpack
  • Dark blue denim USA made 2" wide elastic fabric is hand-washable and stain resistant and will last through years of daily wear without going limp like competing suspenders
  • Side clip Holdup Dark Denim suspenders 2 " width with brown leather X-back crosspatch embossed with trademarked Holdup logo so you know their real Holdup suspenders
  • Silver chrome finished jumbo no-slip patented clips with locking needle sharp center pin won't pop-off your pants. Won't pop open when sitting down and attaches with just two clips for easily removing when going to the bathroom

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