Holdup Suspender Company Inc.

Holdup Patented Hang-up Hardwood Suspender Hanger and Organizer for Suspenders


Hold-up Suspender Company presents the Hang Up suspender hanger to cure the common problem of organizing your clip-on suspender collection. Sal Herman, the President and founder of Holdup Suspender Company, loves inventing innovative products around his fashion passion... mens' suspenders.

Loyal customers for years have asked him Click to see how your suspenders easily clip onto HangUp bar when He'll come up with a practical way to eliminate their closet clutter of suspenders. He was a victim too, as suspenders are a part of his daily wardrobe. The above photo shows off some of his Holdup Suspender collection showcasing the practical simplicity of his newly Patented HangUp suspender hanger... Buy using your Amazon or PayPal account and get free freight offer at checkout.  

Holdup exclusive Suspender hanger designed to hold 20 suspenders

Notice how the top grade wood & brass hanger has a special curved bar that automatically centers each suspender for easily picking just the right one for today's outfit. Occasionally its a business suit, but normally Sal prefers clipping on a pair of his patented Holdups to his blue jeans. Casual attire is the norm at the family-run Holdup Suspender Company. The solid brass swivel hook, on top of the hardwood base, just loops over any closet clothes hanger bar or on top of the closet door. Our registered logos are silk-screened onto each Hang-Up; suspender organizer. Our Part number HAN1001... Buy using your Amazon or PayPal account and get free freight offer at checkout.  

Holdup Suspender Company makes a great wood and brass suspender Hanger for organizing your suspender collection

Holdup patented clip-on suspender closet hanger to organize your suspender collection and keep the straps straight.

  • Easily organize and display your suspender collection with the Hang-Up USA patented suspender hanger in wood and brass
  • Attaches to top of a bedroom door or hands in your closet to hold all clip-on suspender types
  • Displays the colors and styles to allow your to easily pick the pair of suspenders you want to wear that day
  • The USA made Suspender hanger made of real polished hardwood and Brass circular hanging bar on this clip-on suspender organizer
  • Our Patented and trademarked Hang-Up logo is shown on each suspender organizer so you know your getting the real macoy.

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