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Holdup brand 30" Toddler sized Black Holdup brand Suspenders with Patented Gripper Clasps for the dapper child

$8.50 $16.95
30" toddler sized black suspenders with patented no-slip black composite plastic Gripper Clasps. The patented plastic gripper clasps are cam activated which means the harder you pull on them the tighter they grip. These come with an adjustable Metal ring X-back style and have silver metal length adjusters. The 30" length is measured from the front waistband over the shoulder to the back waistband to fit young toddlers. The 3/4" wide elastic straps are great for holding up shorts, pants and sagging diapers. The Gripper clasps are made to hold tighter the harder you pull on them, but are safe for small fingers. Amaze your friends when the kid shows up dressed to the 9's.

    Kids black Holdup suspenders made for toddlers with black patented gripper clasps

    • Black composite plastic NO-SLIP® Gripper Clasps, won't fray materials and your toddler looks just like Dad or Granpa when dressed for an event
    • Adjustable metal ring X-back style with silver metal length adjusters
    • Like all Holdup® suspenders sold by Holdup Suspender Company and these carry a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee
    • 30" Black Holdups® for toddlers, 3/4" wide with adjustable X-back style with silver length adjusters for USA made straps
    • Plastic Gripper clasp holds stronger than any conventional metal suspender clips

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