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Hold-Ups Brown Braided Leather Suspenders in Double-Ups Style with Patented No-slip Clips


Finally, a nice looking thinner brown leather braided suspender that creates a buzz when you show up at the office in these. They're a beautiful 3/4" wide old fashion western wear suspender braces in genuine split brown braided leather with a comfortable back elastic strap. USA made Holdup brand exclusive No-slip patented black clips will hold these dual clip Double-Up style leather Holdups securely on jeans, slacks or dress pants. You get brass buckle leather strap length adjusters in the front and a Cotton Poly-blend elastic strap on the back for a very comfortable fit for any man up to six feet tall. 

Holdup top grade leather suspenders in a brown braided Double-Up style with dual patented no-slip clips

USA made Y-back brown leather braided Holdup narrow width suspenders with Y-back Crosspatch and patented black no-slip clips.

 HoldUp Brand Brown Braided Leather Suspenders in Double-up Style with black No-slip Clips

The exclusive design feature of these genuine brown leather clip-on fashionable suspenders is we eliminate the proverbial waistband rollover caused by button-on braces, which pull at the middle of the waistband. These dressy, yet casual Y-back leather braces, attach with our patented no-slip clips at to top of any pant waistband. They look great and our trademarked Holdup logo is embossed in the Y-back double stitched crosspatch. To add to the comfort the back poly-blend USA made back strap is an elastic fabric for a more comfortable fit. They get more comfortable the longer you wear them like most leather suspender braces. The genuine finished split braided leather straps are 3/4" wide and 48" long and adjust with brass buckle type strap length adjusters . Buy these brown braided leather strap style suspenders from our webshop guaranteed with a money 30 day warranty. We also have them in black leather braid style for sale here at the same price.

  • 3/4" wide Brown genuine finished split braided leather straps create the traditional button western braces look in a modern day narrow width
  • Braided leather straps with patented No-slip black Holdup clips with needle sharp center pin for extra holdup power.
  • Only real Holdup brand suspenders have our logo embossed into genuine brown leather Y-back double stitched crosspatch. 
  • Solid antique Brass buckle type length adjuster and brown elastic comfortable back strap are a nice touch in making these very comfortable to wear.
  • 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee from the USA top manufacturer of suspenders and you buy using your Amazon or PayPal secure account and you get free freight at checkout.

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