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RED Industrial Series Heavy Duty X-back Suspenders with No-slip Jumbo Silver Clips


Looking for a Heavy Duty X-back RED work suspender with super strong straps and clips? These industrial strength 2" wide bright Red color suspenders are 54" in length for the Big & Tall man. Now our heavy duty work suspenders come with non-elastic 2" wide front nylon blend strap webbing for really taking on heavy loads for skilled laborers, home builders and those who carry tool belts on the job. These extra long red HoldUp suspenders are a favorite with Big & Tall carpenters, contractors, police swat squads, and hunters and city road workers. Purchase using your PayPal or Amazon account gives you secure familiar checkout procedure and all sales here have free freight option.

Bright RED extra long 54" adjustable length Industrial Strength Suspender

USA made HoldUp Brand  XL Red Industrial 2" Non-elastic Suspenders with no-slip Silver Clips

USA made HoldUp Brand  XL Red Industrial 2" Non-elastic Suspenders with no-slip Silver Clips

Industrial Series Red wide work Holdup suspenders with nylon front straps and jumbo silver no-slip patented clips

 The rear straps of the industrial work suspenders, below the brown leather logo stamped crosspatch,  are 2" wide elastic poly-blend fabric in a matching RED color. Industrial Series Holdups are designed for rugged daily use specially made to take on the heavy loads like tool pouches in total comfort. All Industrial Series HoldUps in 3 colors are made in the USA of the finest materials and we guarantee our patented Jumbo heavy duty no-slip clips will never slip, slide, or fly off your work pants. We offer Option to Purchase using your PayPal or Amazon account and all sales get free standard freight option.

  • Extra long USA made non-elastic 54" RED strap in front and 2" wide Red elastic straps in the back for all day comfort 
  • X-back Brown leather crosspatch embossed with Trademarked Holdup logo assures your not buying some cheap HD Red suspender
  • Jumbo patented non-slip silver/Chrome clips with locking needle sharp center pin make these your best choice in a Red HD mens XL work suspender
  • Bright Red non-elastic front straps made to holdup work pants with tool belts hanging from the waistband

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