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HoldUps Brands Under-Up Series Light Beige Suspender With Patented No-slip Needle Point Clips


Buy a Pair of these TOTALLY UNIQUE No-Show Undergarment clip-on Needle Point Holdup Brand Suspenders. This is entirely new in Men's and Women's clip-on suspenders in a light Tan color. These Holdup Brand Suspenders are American Made With a Smooth Cotton Poly-Blend Ace Bandage Type Soft Elastic Fabric Finish. Therefore Our Under-Up suspenders are Super Comfortable on Skin Contact. They are So Unnoticeably Comfortable you will forget you even put them on. These Tan Under-Up Hidden Suspenders also have a built-in Hook & Loop Fastening System for easy Length Adjustments with a Flush webbing design that eliminates bulky adjusters. These Tan Under-up Series Suspenders also have Patented "No-Slip" Clips with locking center pin feature. So you never have to worry about your Holdup Brand Suspenders falling off because they are Guaranteed to never Slip, Slide, or Fly off your pants. Holdup Suspender Company trademarked and patented these hidden undergarment suspenders trademarked as Under-Ups. These Invisible 1 1/2" Wide suspenders are for the customer who prefers to wear their HoldUp suspenders under a loose fitting shirt with pants or your favorite pair of Shorts. These super comfortable suspenders are made to be worn out of sight for those not needing to tuck in their shirts and attach at waist with just 2 patented "No-Slip" clips. In Less then 2 Years these HoldUp Brand Under-Up Suspenders have become Our Most Popular Suspenders Style Ever. So Buy a Pair Right here at suspender.com using Your Amazon Account or PayPal with Free Freight option

  • Patented Undergarment Hidden Suspenders Made to Wear Under Loose Fitting Shirts
  • American Made Smooth Cotton Poly-Blend Ace Bandage Type Soft Elastic Fabric Finish.
  • Traditional X-Back Style without the Leather crosspatch no bulge Hook & Loop strap length adjustment system
  • 1 1/2" Wide Super Soft Elastic Suspenders Straps that attach with just 2 clips at the side of your pants or shorts
  • American Made Thick Ace bandage type cotton poly-blend straps in beige color 
  • Hip-Clip Style with Patented No-Slip Needle sharp center pin type Clip 

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