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Hold-Ups 1" wide Y-back Satin finished Dark Blue formal suspenders with patented no-slip silver clips

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American Made Holdup Formal Series clip-on suspenders in dark "SATIN BLUE" color featuring our patented NO-SLIP clip in silver/chrome finish. These narrow 1" wide suspenders are in Y-back style and are adjustable to 48" in length so they comfortably fit men to 6 feet tall. The image above really doesn't do justice to the rich shiny SATIN finished deep blue color of these businessman's formal looking suspenders. The top grade genuine black leather tapered clip tab holders and black leather logo embossed Y-back crosspatch add up to a more formal look when wearing these at the office or special events. You owe it to yourself to get our exclusive formal series of men's suspenders with Satin Blue poly-blend dense smooth weave elastic straps designed for a lifetime of parties and social events. All USA made strap materials are carefully chosen for durability, pleasing look and lasting stretch. Great gift idea for the men at your wedding or as a Father's Day present as these go well with solid or even plaid colored shirts. Always Up for any occasion...buy using your Amazon or PayPal account and get a free freight offer at secure checkout using your preferred -payment card

 USA made top quality 1" wide satin finished Dark Blue colored straps and black leather trim for a nice formal look for weddings

USA made top quality Y-back 1" wide Holdup Suspenders in satin finished Dark Blue color for a nice formal look for weddings and office wear.

USA made Holdup Suspender Company's Y-back Formal Series Deep shiny Satin Blue Colored Men's Suspenders

HoldUp's exclusive Sateen finished FORMAL SERIES Suspenders all have top quality cotton poly-blend dense smooth weave straps specifically chosen for durability and lasting stretch. All Holdup Suspenders feature our patented "NO-SLIP Suspender Clip" guaranteed to never slip, slide, or fly off like all other suspenders do. Always Up for any occasion...buy several pair of Holdup formal suspenders in 9 colors with choice of X- or Y-back crosspatch and silver or gold clip finish options.   These HoldUps are 1" wide and come in 9 satin finished colors and come with choices for triple plated silver or Gold finish patented no-slip clips and Y or X-back crosspatch style.

  • This model has Black leather Y-back design crosspatch stamped with Holdup trademarked logo
  • Patented Silver finished patented no-slip clips with locking center pin and matching metal strap length adjuster
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  • Perfect choice for formal or business wear with deep blue sateen 1" narrow strap width for a more modern day look for the well-dressed man.

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