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Hold-Ups Urban Youth Yellow 3/4" Wide Suspender in Y-back and patented No-slip Clips

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These thin 3/4" wide Urban Youth Series yellow suspenders from Hold-Up provide the latest fashion trend. These come in the Y-back style. The narrow width and hot yellow color are stylish and stand out in a crowd. Available in a variety of colors, all feature our patented "NO-SLIP" clip. These are TOTALLY UNIQUE and teens love em! These suspenders are made shorter and narrower at 3/4" wide and 42" long for a trendy fashion statement. Dressing up with these is an inexpensive way to set off any type outfit with a unique look. For years our customer base included women and the shorter teenagers who wanted suspenders made just for them. Now they have the Urban Youth Series clip-on suspenders with clips and elastic straps that hold up year after year. Runway models worldwide are sporting our patented clip-on thin/skinny suspenders in all types of creative ways. Wear them with jeans, dress pants, shorts and skirts. These  mellow yellow suspenders have a Y-back black leather crosspatch embossed with our Hold-Up logo.

  • 3/4" wide Y-back clip-on thin suspender in Yellow and black
  • Patented silver No-slip® clips on these adjustable Y-back yellow suspenders with black leather crosspatch
  • Gals love to change their look at the snap of a Hold-Up® suspender clip
  • 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee on these USA made Yellow and black clip-on teen suspenders
  • Black Leather Y-back crosspatch embossed with Hold-Up® logo that fit the typical Urban youth teen

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