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HoldUps Brand No-buzz Tan Undergarment Trucker Style Hip Clip Suspenders


HoldUp Brand Under-Up Series Airport friendly composite plastic gripper clasp Suspenders with no metal parts. These  Under-Up light tan hidden Suspenders are comfortably worn under any loose fitting shirt with a super soft 1 1/2" wide elastic fabric that wears like a thick smooth ACE bandages. These patented side clip suspenders in what we call the Hip-Clip style have a Velcro type smooth line no bulge length adjusting system. Guaranteed not to trip any metal detector alarms at the Airport as they have no metal parts. Bonus: The more you pull on these gripper clasps the tighter they grip your pants or shorts. Exclusive USA made Under-Up suspenders with Beige Gripper Clasps in our trademarked Hip Clip Trucker style have part # 6406HP.  Buy American Made and get the quality you deserve. Worn also by the larger pregnant women needing a super soft comfortable way to hold up their maternity pants and shorts. Buy these using your Amazon or PayPal account with free freight offer at checkout if you choose standard shipping or have an Prime Amazon account.

HoldUp Brand Under-Up Tan Suspenders with Patented Beige Gripper Clasp

HoldUp Brand Under-Up Tan Suspenders with Patented Beige Gripper Clasp 

  • 1 1/2" wide trucker style patented undergarment suspenders w/beige plastic Gripper clasps that hold tighter the harder you pull on them
  • Hidden suspenders made to wear under your loose fitting shirt with pants or shorts
  • Attaches with just 2 no-alarm patented composite plastic beige clasps
  • Super soft, thick elastic USA made fabric with smooth Velcro adjustment system
  • Side-clip trucker comfort hidden suspenders worn under any shirt or even maternity blouse

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