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Heavy Duty Greenwood Holdup Work Suspenders with patented black Gripper Clasps

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These DARK Greenwood colored 2" wide Jumbo Contractor Series X-back suspenders are specifically designed for securely holding up a working man's pants. The contractor suspender is specially designed with 2 inch wide Cotton poly-blend straps and features our Patented Gripper Clasps to assure you're pants are Always Up with maximum comfort.  This model has 4 Composite plastic super strong Patented Gripper clasps for extra holding power. The patented plastic gripper clasps are cam activated which means the harder you pull on them the tighter they grip. American made strap materials are carefully chosen for elastic durability, good looks and are hand washable. Buy one of these dark Greenwood Green color Contractor suspenders with Plastic Gripper Clasps clips here using your PayPal or Amazon account and all orders get free freight option at secure checkout. This model of the 2x4 Contractor series Holdup work suspenders in 10 colors have 4 US Patented Jumbo GRIPPER CLASPS that hold tighter the harder you pull on them. Great for wearing with work jeans and our trademarked Holdup logo is etched into the Top Quality genuine brown leather crosspatch. 

Contractor Series Greenwood color 2 inch wide work suspenders with black jumbo gripper clasps

These dark green wide work suspenders work great for extra large men, construction and factory workers and the older guys seeking a very comfortable USA made suspender with real holdup power.

Greenwood Holdup Contractor Series wide work suspenders with Gripper clasp option are made in the USA.

Greenwood Holdup Contractor Series wide work suspenders with jumbo Gripper clasp option are made in the USA. Buy using your favorite Debit/Credit card or checkout using your Amazon or PayPal account. 

  • 2" wide elastic webbing in dark Greenwood Green color and X-back styling
  • Dark Green 2" wide poly-blend staps are adjustable to fit men over 6 feet tall.
  • This model has the Composite Plastic Jumbo patented suspender Gripper clasps
  • Contractor Series Holdups® with Top Grade brown leather double stitched logo crosspatch

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