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Hold-Ups Black Pack Casual Series Suspenders X-back style with Patented No-slip Silver Clips

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USA made Casual Series BLACK PACK 1 1/2" wide black Holdup brand men's clip-on suspenders feature our patented no-slip clip in a silver chrome finish. These are 1 1/2" wide and 48" long with a silver metal strap length adjusters so they easily fit men to 6 feet tall. This style is great for office or casual wear when you need to make a conservative fashion statement and a black suspender goes with all shirt and pant colors! This pair offers a rich brown top grade leather tapered clip tab holders and genuine X-Back leather crosspatch stamped with our Hold-up brand trademarked logo. Black X-back casual clip-on suspenders are great as a birthday or special occasion gift and are a must-have for any man's wardrobe. All USA made strap materials are carefully chosen for elastic durability with a coarse washable poly blend weave desinged to last for years of daily wear. If you need a pair of suspenders that perform year after year...then we'd always suggest a pair of these Black Pack casual series Hold-up Suspenders for you or a friend.

Holdup casual series Blackpack Casual Series X-back suspenders with silver patented no-slip clips

Holdup casual series Black Pack Casual Series X-back suspenders with silver patented no-slip clips and they're made in the USA.

Casual Series Blackpack black Holdup Suspenders with X-back brown leather crosspatch and silver no-slip clip options

Buy these using your Amazon or PayPal preferred payment method from the www.suspenders.com webshop and get a 30-day money back quality assured guarantee.  You also get a free freight offer at checkout. All casual Series Holdups come with the best brown saddle leather tapered clip tab holders that vary in size and taper front to back for more comfort and convenience when attaching them to your pants. This Black Pack casual series suspender features our patented silver/chrome No-Slip Suspender Clip guaranteed to never slip, slide, or fly off your pants like all other suspender brand clips do. The casual black pack suspender is made better by patented design in the USA by Holdup Suspender Company. These have hand washable elastic cloth specifically chosen for durability and lasting stretch and a unique clip with needle sharp center pin that won't harm even the most delicate pant fabric. 

  • Patented no-slip Holdup suspender clips in chrome silver finish made to holdup your pants through years of daily wear.
  • 1 1/2" wide black course dense weave elastic fabric strap with a flat finish.
  • Brown Leather X-back crosspatch stamped with trademarked Hold-up® logo.
  • The locking center pin on patented no-slip® clips prevents suspenders from popping off your pants as you move or sit down on car seats or chairs.
  • Tapered brown leather clip tab holders secure our no-slip clips in style and make these look great at work and when out on the town.

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