Tips for Wearing Suspenders

suspenderWearerIf you’re like us, you love suspenders. How they fit, how they feel, and the statement of individuality they make. Like ties, suspenders can be classy, casual or just plain fun. Here are a few interesting tidbits about suspenders, and those of us who love them.

  • The physique of a typical suspender wearer (male or female) is wider shoulders with narrower hips and no behind, so belts are useless in holding up pants. Hmm…can anyone say “getting older?”
  • Suspenders provide a classic, comfortable and stylish way to hold pants in place. And chicks dig ’em.
  • Never wear a belt and suspenders at the same time. Really…did we have to even say this?
  • Choose a variety of suspender colors that match your different shirts and suits. Heck, choose them to match your mood if you feel like it.
  • Make sure your suspender collection includes basic colors, i.e. black, gray or blue that go with everything. For a stronger fashion statement, choose burgundy, a pattern or a jacquard. Then, really show you’ve got class by matching the clip finish to your jewelry (silver or gold).
  • If you don’t have a wife to help dress you, attach your suspenders before putting on your pants so you can better adjust the location of the straps. The straps should be parallel from waistband to shoulder.
  • Store your suspenders so that they are easy to see, easy to hang, and easy to remove. Our HangUps are designed to keep your suspenders organized…and off the floor.

Happy suspender wearing! And remember, if you need more, check us out at